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Articles by Ricardo Carbajal
    • An interview with the ultimate authority, and now a legend in the breed, the late Walter Martin of Wienerau Kennels in Germany.  This interview became a classic since he passed on and has been reprinted in many languages around the world.  It is a lasting testament and final advice of Mr. Martin to the GSD community.
  • Not Just a Beauty Contest
    • This article prompted the demand for live seminars. After the publishing of this article I expanded the concepts to comprise all aspects of the structure of the GSD and have taught over 25 seminars on the subject nationwide, Canada, and Mexico.
  • So You Are Looking for a Brood Bitch?
    • This article discusses the pitfalls of importing breeding females.  Warns people about selecting properly and learning how to avoid the common problems of importing
Videos by Ricardo Carbajal

The German Shepher Dog Training SeriesThe German Shepherd Dog - The German Way Set
The success of the live seminars elicited the interest of Canine Training Systems to create a video series on structure, movement, and the show scene. As author of the series I had an opportunity of putting the "inside view" of judging into an effective teaching tool. Later, SV Judge Henning Setzer would say of these videos "They are the best ever made on the breed."

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