Showing your German Shepherd

We have done a great deal of showing over the last 25 years. More recently we have taken more of a "back seat" to this activity, especially after showing dogs gave way to the actual Judging of German Shepherd shows. Instead we have concentrated on producing quality others can enjoy and compete with if wanted. Our goals have remained strong in favor of correct structure, movement and temperament. Our dogs are shown in events sponsored and judged by the regulations of the World Union of German Shepherd Clubs (WUSV) also knows as "German Style Shows", not the American Style AKC shows. Since all our dogs are still AKC registered you can show under their system, however the evaluations of the German Shepherd in this system is done using a different standard and owners of German line dogs tend to favor German Style judging.

There are very few show opportunities in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Nevada. Most of the German Style shows are concentrated on the east and west coast and others in the Mid West making long travel required.

Some of our winners
Felicitas Del Cono Sur:  
  • Felicitas Del Cono Sur wins 5th place at the 2008 Seiger Show in Argentina out of a class of 62!


Felicitas Del Cono Sur

  • SG 8 USA Sieger Show 2008 12-18 month class


SG Winzor Del Cono Sur
  • 2002 VP4 Argentine Sieger Show (Over 50 puppies in class)
  • 2002 Multiple top five placing at national and regional events (South America)
  • 2003 USA Young Dog Sieger (SG1) Bakersfield, California
  • 2003 Multiple V ratings at large events in South America including the Pan American Cup

Congratulations Tom Suedhoff:  Owner


DylonDylon will be returning home soon.  He has completed his SchH3 with a 99 points in protection and has received his KKL 1 for life.  Look for him in the show ring starting this fall.
Gandhi Von Kisman:  
  • Top placements at shows in Argentina in 2004
  • 2004 VP3 USA Sieger Show, Nashville Tennessee 9 to 12 Month Class
  • 2005 SG4 USA Sieger Show, Carson City, Nevada, Youth Class
  • 2005 SG1 Rocky Mountain Great Plains Regional Championship
Ganhi Von Kisman
  • VP3  USA Seiger Show 2005 6-9 month (out of 22 puppies)
  • 2006 SG1 USA Northwestern Regional Confirmation Show 18-24 month class
  • Rocky Mountain, Great Plains Regional Champion 2005
Harley Del Cono Sur
Kaya Del Cono Sur:  
  • Rocky Mountain Great Plains Regional Champion
  • WDA Northwest Regional Champion
Kaya Del Cono Sur
Kenya Del Cono Sur:  
  • VP3 USA Seiger Show 2005 4-6 month class (24 puppies in class)
Kenia Del Cono Sur
Amores Del Cono Sur:  
  • WDA Northwestern Regional Champion
  • Regional Champion USA Southwestern Region 2003
  • Northwest Regional Confirmation Show, 12-18 month class, 2nd place
Amorres Del Cono Sur
Lexus Del Cono Sur:  
  • SG2 Lexus Del Cono Sur, B.H., A.D
  • VP3 Rocky Mt Great Plains
  • SG2 Treasure Valley Working Dog Association
  • SG4 USA Northwest Regionals, Carson City
Lexus Del Cono Sur

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