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Welcome to some of the very best German Shepherd puppies in the Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho area. A good puppy is not an accident. It is the result of good breeding choices.  Even good intentions fall short if those choices are not well founded.  In these pages we bring you "inside our mind" so you can see our choice-making process and our philosophy. Take time to read and learn about the inside world of German Shepherd breeding. It will open your eyes to what is real and what is myth.

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Taurus von der Lizzie
Now in Utah, Taurus von der Lizzie CAB2, KKL1 "a" (normal, hips & elbows)
For a long time we craved the chance to incorporate into our program a male that embodies the modern characteristics of the high lines. One of the primary problems with the breed today is the tendency to get larger in stature with the consequent ill-effects on speed and agility. We have been striving to comply with the standard and do our part helping the breed return to it's correct medium size without sacrificing strength and power. To that effect we started by selecting females who themselves fall under that category. Now, Taurus completes that picture. His bloodlines were specially selected in Germany to embody correct size and strength, and passed down to the competitive world of Argentina through his father: German Import Beckham vom Bad Boll ShcII, KKL1a. His mother Theria is also the mother to the outstanding Lucas von der Lizzie also featured on our website. Besides size and strength Taurus will contribute his wonderful temperament, ability to work, protectiveness and great health. We expect some wonderful things out of this very young male who completed his training by the age of two while competing at the highest levels in the show ring.

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