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Del Cono Sur maintains strong ties and connections with top, trusted German Shepherd breeders allowing us to purchase the very best stock. We scrutinize our breeding stock on-site for health, temperament and anatomical soundness before importing.

SG1 Zornig Votan ~ "a" hips & elbows, DM free

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Votan is the direct son of the number one German Shepherd in the world for the year 2017 Gary v. Huhnegrab. Part of the requirements for capturing the German crown is the ability to produce the very best. Votan is a clear example of what his father's progeny. We instantly fell in love with Votan the second he came out of his crate. His structure and movement are extraordinary (in fact one of the best we ever owned). He has a masculine head, impeccable top line, and flawless overall structure. Besides his beauty, he is a loving, trusting animal who enjoys playing, fetching and riding in cars, ATV's! and anything that promises some kind of adventure or excitement. He is funny and mischievous and loves to follow you everywhere you go in the house. Has an innate desire to herd and runs from one person to another any time his "herd" separates for a bit. We are expecting great things from this male as his pedigree offers a prominent background particularly strengthened by his line-breeding on Vegas du Haut Mansard, a pivotal sire in the breed's recent history. It is rare to have the opportunity to own a direct son of a world champion. We hope we can do justice to his genetic abilities with the females we select for him.

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VA1 Gary von Huhnegrab

Votan's sire

Typical males sired by Votan at 6 months .

Other Males We Use

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