South American Breeding Stock

Del Cono Sur maintains strong ties and connections with top, trusted German Shepherd breeders allowing us to purchase the very best stock. We scrutinize our breeding stock on-site for health, temperament and anatomical soundness before importing.

SG Yumiko Goldene Bienenstock ~ Hips & Elbows "a" normal DM -Carrier

SG Yumiko Goldene Bienenstock .jpg

We are very lucky to have acquired this female out of Hungary. She is a very substantial girl with correct type, expressive head, and bone to match. Her temperament comes with some grit and confidence to match. She is great around children, other dogs, and if need be will protect you. We are excited to introduce her unique lines to our breeding program. Her father is VA1 (SRB 2015) V37 BSZS  2017 Zombi Feetback which he won the Segier Show in Serbia.

View Yumiko's Pedigree Here

VA1 (SRB 2015) V37 BSZS 2017 Zombi Feetb

VA1 (SRB 2015) V37 BSZS  2017 Zombi Feetback


SG1 Trixi Team Tomahavk  ~ Hips OFA Good & Elbows OFA Excellent

Trixi Team Tomahavk.jpg

BH VT, IGP1  Hips OFA Good Elbows OFA excellent. DM Free

View Trixi's Pedigree Here


V4 Ona von der Liebeswarte ~ IPO1 KK1 HD ED Normal, DM Free


We are very pleased to introduce Ona von Der Liebeswarte IPO1, KK1, hips and elbows "a" normal to our breeding program. Ona is out of VA10 Memphis vom Solebrunnen and Annika von der Liebeswarte. Ona is from Hungary and earned her IPO1. She is a very strong female in temperament and structure. She has proven her self in the conformation and working ring. With her strong constitution and pedigree we expect health, bone and temperament from her. She is also DM Free!!

View Ona's Pedigree Here


RotLilly Marlene Hexad Of Timpanogos ~ OFA Good, DM free


Lilly represents the very best of our South American foundation. Her pedigree includes several of the top sires and dams of Argentina as well as some of the most renowned names in Europe. Lilly is a strong, well-tempered girl with excellent structure, a keen mind, and perfect health. We have great hopes for the quality she’s sure to produce.

Owned by Timpanogos German Shepherds, Daren Anderson.

View RotLilly's Pedigree Here


Other Females We Use

The following are females that fully embody the quality and type that is our goal in breeding. These females have either have been used already by us or will be shortly.