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South American Breeding Stock

Del Cono Sur maintains strong ties and connections with top, trusted German Shepherd breeders allowing us to purchase the very best stock. We scrutinize our breeding stock on-site for health, temperament and anatomical soundness before importing.

V-1 Bombon Von Das Mauschen ~ Hips "a" normal and Elbows "a" normal, DM Free, CAB2, B.H.


Del Cono Sur is proud to present this exceptional female coming to us from the winner of the Kennel Groups in Argentina at the 2023 National Sieger Show.  Bombon is a large and very strong female with a deep red, plush coat and wonderful proportions and structure. Her lines go back to some of the best dogs in recent history both in South America (like the 4 times national champion VA "Irok" as well as Germany (VA "Arex"). Supported on her mother's side with lines back to the extraordinary "Homar" it is no wonder that she exhibits so many good qualities. She is solid in temperament and also healthy in every aspect.  We expect great things from her in years to come. 

View Bomdon's Pedigree Here

Directly from the best kennel in South America:

Von Das Mauschen!

Grand Sire

VA1 (4X ARG) Irok Brut der Hexe

Great Grand Sire

VA6 VA2(CH) Arex von der Wilhelmswarte

SG1 Yacky del Arenal ~ 
"a" stamped Normal Hips & Elbows
Yackys hips.jpg

"This beautiful, well-structured, black and red female brings to us the opportunity to open lines through her parental side of her pedigree: Viktor von del Greck (Argentina). 


It is always important to inject a dose of variation into the gene pool and yet maintain a phenotype (what you see in real life) that is equivalent to the quality you are trying to produce. Yacky is playful, with a "clownish" disposition, and has good drives for working. She is very healthy, loves the company of other dogs, and is devoted to her owners."

View her pedigree Here.

Java de Ailin Neyen.webp


Java De Ailin Neyen

Viktor von Del Greck.jpg


Viktor von del Greck

Yacky del Arenal

Denim von Flussen, OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, DM Free

Denim head.jpg

Introducing a daughter of the wonderful V Izmir v.d. Alexander. This young girl exemplifies the absolute ideals of the breed standard which calls for dogs that are strong, yet not oversized with excellent structure, sound in body, and healthy in every respect. 

View Denim's Pedigree Here

Izmir vd alexander headshot.jpg


V Izmir v.d. Alexander, IGP1, Kkl,

Denim von Flussen
Winny Von Del Greck ~ 
Hips: HD-SV: HD a-normal, Elbows: SV: Normal, DM Free
Winny Von Del Greck.webp

Our recent import Winny comes from a long line of excellent producing females. Herself was a cornerstone of one of the top kennels in Costa Rica and is arriving to the US at the tail end of her breeding career to provide her lines and high quality to our program. 

Owned by Steve & Sherri Olsen

View her pedigree Here.

Winny Von Del Greck

Former Females

In honor of our foundation girls: thank you for your love, companionship, and contributions.

Other Females
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