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South American Breeding Stock

Del Cono Sur maintains strong ties and connections with top, trusted German Shepherd breeders allowing us to purchase the very best stock. We scrutinize our breeding stock on-site for health, temperament and anatomical soundness before importing.

V-1 Bombon Von Das Mauschen ~ Hips "a" normal and Elbows "a" normal


View Bomdon's Pedigree Here


Denim von Flussen, OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows

Denim stacked best one.jpg
Denim von Flussen headshot.jpeg

Introducing a daughter of the wonderful V Izmir v.d. Alexander. This young girl exemplifies the absolute ideals of the breed standard which calls for dogs that are strong, yet not oversized with excellent structure, sound in body, and healthy in every respect. 

View Denim's Pedigree Here

Denim von Flussen

V-Catalina Von Das Mauschein KK1,
    Cab2, hips Fast-normal, elbows normal

Catalina Von Das Mar.jpg

It is important in any breeding program to avoid high levels of inbreeding.  Genetically, anything past the third generation has little overall impact.  Catalina's pedigree contributes a completely open line with no inbreeding in the first three generations. This allows her to be used with sires that can compensate and dominate with their own qualities.  


Catalina ("Neeta") is a solid, well-structured female.  She had a great show career prior to starting her breeding life winning the Atlantic Coast Championship in Argentina.  Already showing her reproductive capacities, she is the mother to the excellent Rossie von das Mauschen (see photo).


She has a very steady, stable temperament, friendly and happy. We also expect great things from this new female.

View Catalina's Pedigree Here

Rosie Cat's daughter.jpg
Typical offspring out of Catalina:
Rossie von das Mauschen

SG Yumiko Goldene Bienenstock ~ "a" Hips & Elbows normal

SG Yumiko Goldene Bienenstock .jpg

We are very lucky to have acquired this female out of Hungary. She is a very substantial girl with correct type, expressive head, and bone to match. Her temperament comes with some grit and confidence to match. She is great around children, other dogs, and if need be will protect you. We are excited to introduce her unique lines to our breeding program. Her father is VA1 (SRB 2015) V37 BSZS  2017 Zombi Feetback which he won the Segier Show in Serbia.

Owned by Von Olsen of Burley, ID

View Yumiko's Pedigree Here

VA1 (SRB 2015) V37 BSZS 2017 Zombi Feetb

VA1 (SRB 2015) V37 BSZS  2017 Zombi Feetback


Gitana Del Arenal ~ Hips & Elbows Normal

Gitana Del Arenal.jpg
Gitana Headshot.jpg

We are proud to introduce our latest import to our breeding program Gitana Del Arenal. She is a medium size, yet strong female with excellent structure and movement. This wonderful young female brings with her the genetic power of some of the best current bloodlines in Europe and South America. From the Argentine VA (excellent select) Orbit, to the German VA's Furbo, and the American VA Nino, her pedigree is full of excellent representatives of the breed. However, being herself devoid of any measure of inbreeding makes her very valuable and open to all available bloodlines at our disposal. This tends to improve health and longevity so we are excited to see the outcome of her upcoming litters.

View Gitana's Pedigree Here


Other Females We Use

The following are females that fully embody the quality and type that is our goal in breeding. These females have either have been used already by us or will be shortly.

Other Females
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