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Whether you are looking for a German Shepherd dog for protection, companionship, or competition, Del Cono Sur can help you find the right dog. There are two qualities that set Del Cono Sur apart from the rest: The first is a deep knowledge of the German Shepherd breed. The second, and more important, is honesty with ourselves and our clients. We take the time to listen to your needs, concerns, and opinions and help match you with the right dog.

Our breedings are selective and never mass-produced. When we don't have puppies or adults for sale we can still help you by pointing you in the direction of other trusted breeders and importers. If you have something specific in mind don't hesitate to call.

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SG Inno z Lintichu ~SVV1, "a" hips & elbows, DM free,

inno at seiger show.jpg
Inno von Linticchu SVV1, Hd and Ed Norma

Inno is a prime four-year-old male, born on Oct. 24, 2018.

Serious breeding requires difficult decisions. One of the most difficult is to renovate breeding stock to make room for a new influx of bloodlines and characteristics. We are at this point with our loved Inno. He has made important contributions and is time for us to move forward and Inno to be in a new home.

Due to his young age, Inno is still a good option for breeding. The addition of this wonderful male will enhance any program looking to improve its stock. His size, color, and pigment, as well as his overall good structure and ideal temperament, make him a great addition to any breeding program.

For those seeking a home companion, Inno is strong, has a beautiful masculine head, and is very discerning between what may be a threat and a friendly stranger. Safe with children he is patient and solid, yet barks when appropriate commanding an imposing posture in and out of the home. He loves to hike and is used to being around horses, and other dogs large and small.


Priced right at $9,000.

Please call Jill at 307-231-0040 to discuss this magnificent male.

View Inno's pedigree here

SG1 Trixi Team Tomahavk ~ Born Dec. 31, 2019 ~ Hips B & Elbows 0

Trixi Team Tomahavk.jpg

Trixi is a medium-sized female very black and red and does well in the house or kennel. She gets along with other dogs large or small.


She has had 2 litters both with 7 live births each and is a very easy welpher. We gave her a year off, before breeding her again this spring. We have decided to keep one female back and sell Trixi. She will be ready to breed again in October. 


She is great with kids, very easy to live with, and has a medium drive. Tixi would love to be a hiking companion. She is used to going riding with horses and walking with 4 other dogs.


We have her priced at $2000 with no breeding rights or at $3,000 with breeding rights.


She is located in Burley, Idaho, and comes with all her paperwork.

View Trixi's Pedigree Here

Please call Jill at 307-231-0040 for more information on this sweet girl.