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Welcome to some of the very best German Shepherd puppies in the Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho area. A good puppy is not an accident. It is the result of good breeding choices.  Even good intentions fall short if those choices are not

well-founded. Lack of breed knowledge, thoughtlessness or greed will eventually be translated into poor litter quality. Our goal is to breed consciously, honestly and carefully promoting well-tempered, healthy companions we all can be proud of. 

Two newborn litters — visit the Born Litter Page for details!

Introducing two new lines to our kennels

We are very pleased to present two new dogs to our breeding line up. We believe that they will help enhance the quality of dogs that we provide!


DelConoSur_Kimera Flyer.jpg
DelConoSur_Bombon Flyer_v1.jpg
Typical dogs from Del Cono Sur

With over 30 years experience in breeding and selling quality German Shepherd puppies, we know how to pair and breed the best lines in order to produce well-tempered, healthy companions, that we would welcome into our own homes.

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